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Water & Life

Despite having more glaciers than anywhere else in the world and its location in the Indus River Basin, Pakistan is at risk of acute water scarcity. Its surface and groundwater sources are both increasingly stressed and severe drought conditions persist in parts of the country due to a lack of rain. At the same time, Pakistan has an extensive agriculture sector, which uses flood methods of irrigation to grow water-intensive crops. The provision of qualitative water facilities to the dwellers was facing deterioration due to growing economic activities and rapid urbanization across the country.

As per the WB report, around 64 percent of Pakistanis are still deprived of their access to safe and clean drinking water in the country. Access to water and sanitation quality remained low as Pakistan had ranked 140 out of 180 countries in water and sanitation on the Environmental Performance Index.

The major issues surrounding the water crisis are related to water infrastructure, which is outdated and in poor condition, which wastes even more water, while little is stored because of a lack of reservoirs and sediment build-up in existing facilities. The water that is available is often unclean, having been polluted by human, agricultural and industrial waste, with little infrastructure in place to provide clean water. The problem is made even more worsen by poor governance and management in the water sector. Laws governing water are often archaic and dating back to the colonial era. Other attempts to reform water management have simply added new bureaucracy on top of the existing framework, creating agencies with overlapping duties.

At SDO, we are building reliable infrastructure for the provision of water nearer to the homes of underprivileged communities to resolve accessibility issues, ensure effective management, better quality, and storage facilities.

Due to the poverty in Sindh, it is of utmost importance to facilitate underprivileged people, living in rural Sindh, to have access to water. Moreover, as per UNDP’s report on human development, 541 million poor people in South Asia in accordance with the Multi-Dimensional Poverty Index (MPI) out of which 75 million were in Pakistan and 40 million were alone children. Poverty at this scale means that communities, where such poverty struck people reside, do not have access to work towards the quantity, quality or standard of their basic amenities that are accessible to the – water being one of the most essential.

Currently, the organization is carrying out water projects by installing the following projects;

  • Small and Large Water Hand Pumps — Our Regular Works
  • Agricultural Well
  • Solar Pump
  • Water Coolers