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Water Project

Donation: 0.00 / 4,000,000.00

The provision of drinking water has become a major challenge for Pakistan. The major issues surrounding the water crisis is related to water resource management, quality of water, the quantity of it and its accessibility. At SDO, we are building reliable infrastructure for provision of water nearer to the homes of underprivileged communities.

As per UNDP’s report on human development, 541 million poor people in South Asia in accordance with Multi-Dimensional Poverty Index (MPI) out of which 75 million were in Pakistan and 40 million were alone children. Poverty at this scale means that communities where such poverty struck people reside do not have access to work towards the quantity, quality or standard of their basic amenities that are accessible to them – water being one of the most essential. Currently, the organization is carrying out water projects by installing small water hand pumps, agriculture tube wells, solar submersible pumps and large water hand pumps. Last year, through the water projects, SDO was able to provide water to 3,362 households, i.e. 83,560 persons approximately. This year the organization wants to reach out to 100,000 persons through its water projects.

Small Water Hand Pump: Rs. 25,000 | GBP 120 | US$ 152
Large Water Hand Pump: Rs. 55,000 | GBP 265 | US$ 335
Agricultural Well: Rs. 85,000 | GBP 410 | US$ 517
Solar Pump: Rs. 325,000 | GBP 1570 | US$ 1,975