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سندھ ڈیولپمنٹ آرگنائزیشن

خدمت خلق نصب العین

Qurbani Program

Donation: 0.00 / 2,000,000.00

#SacrificeandShare – Muslims all around the world sacrifice in the month of Zul Hijjah – to draw closer to Allah (SWT), to help those who haven’t had a decent and a nutritious meal for the whole year. They share their happiness and their blessings with the less fortunate, to help them to enjoy the festivities the way we do.

Over the past four years, we have shared meat packets through our Qurbani Program, with over 8,920 families, sharing smiles and happiness you sent with over 59,764 people from Sindh, areas where poverty is rampage and prosperity is rare.

Please choose SDO for your Qurbani this year, we will be sending your Qurbani to different districts in Sindh. Do your Qurbani with us and with the thousands of families waiting for a decent meal they haven’t eaten for days, months and for some people even years.

Cattle: Rs. 59,500
Cattle/Share: Rs. 8,500
Goat: Rs. 25,000