With the support and kind donations from Haqoqulebad, we recently installed large water hand pumps in Achro Thar, Sanghar. These wells will be able to serve up to 800 people daily, maximum. We are very thankful to you for your support and trust.

Apart from having a clean drinking water source closer to their homes, they will also be able to use water for quenching the thirst of their animals, wash their clothes and maintain their personal hygiene. In light of the #CoronaVirusOutbreak, it’s important they have access to water easily, readily and in closer proximity. Reach out to us Haqoqulebad (Sh. Umar Saeed) or at Sindh Development Organization, I am so fortunate to be representing both the charities.

A Large Water Hand Pumps costs PKR 55,000. We install these ones in Desert areas. Currently, we are addressing the need in Achro Thar which is also known as ‘The White Desert’ for its uniquely scattered white sand dunes.

Support the cause to help communities quench their thirst, support the cause to collect duas for yourself, for your loved ones, especially for those who have passed away from this temporary abode to a permanent one.