I didn’t carry much, carried the load a couple of times to help the boys, though I can’t match their stamina anymore. Have turned a little old, or the perks and privileges of an urban life has spoiled me. Need to start spending more time on the ground.

Big shout to the boys at SDO who are carrying out this wonderful work on the ground. ALHAMDULILAH, till date we have been able to distribute 800 food packets in Interior Sindh (Dadu, Shikarpur and Larkana) and INSHALLAH, we are trying to push for more.

It was a little uncomfortable today with temperature hovering around 40 degrees, crossed a couple of wells and it crossed a couple of times in my mind to ‘test’ the water, but then, it was just the first day of Ramadan, things become convenient from Day 2, from every passing day to another.

If you have taken care for people around you, and you’re left with surplus, please choose these communities for your support, for your Zakat and Sadqah, this Ramadan. It costs Rs. 4,500 to support a family of 4-5 persons for a period of 15-20 days. Moreover, we are also collecting Zakat Ul Fitr that will be used to distribute food packets. The cost for Zakat Ul Fitr food bag is Rs. 3,500, covers Zakat ul Fitr for 9 people (27-28 kgs is the size of the parcel) and would be distributed few days before Eid.

Please help these families, the economic slowdown has brought their wages down to almost zero.